Miscarriage Part Two

This is going to be a very honest post for the 1 in 5 women who will go through a miscarriage. I had two healthy pregnancies and my third I had a miscarriage at almost 7 weeks. You can read my previous post for details. This post is for those who are currently are or are expected to go through a miscarriage. While I was going through my surprise miscarriage I researched and researched on and on trying to find more information regarding what I could expect to happen. I was astounded of the lack of information there is on this since studies show 1 in 5 women go through this. We deserve more information on what to expect! This is why I have decided to share as much detail as I can with you in hopes this will help someone out there.



It started with lower back cramps two days prior to bleeding. The lower back cramps feel like an ongoing lower back pain that you can rid of.



Starts with a brown discharge, turns bright red and then a dark red . The blood flow is like a light period then sets off to a very heavy period. Actually mine was heavier than my heaviest period. I bled for 7 days, 5 were very heavy.


Clots and Tissue

Clots and tissue will pass. Some will look clumpy and a lot will look like blood strings.



The first thing that passed was my placenta on the second day. You will have contractions directly before any large tissue passes. The placenta looks like a flat disk.


Other Large Piece of Tissue

Not sure what it is and cannot find anything online regarding it but there will be painful contractions before another large tissue passes. This happened on the third day.


Sac Fetus

The sac passed on my fourth day. With every large passing is contractions that you’ll have to breathe through. They are painful. The sac looks round like a golf ball. Be prepared before you get to this step. Already start thinking about what you’d like to do with your fetus. I didn’t even think about this and once it was out, I had no idea what to do and was in tears. I ended up choosing to place mine in a mason jar filled with water like my womb. I am choosing to pick out a beautiful plant to bury my baby beneath.


Other Large Piece of Tissue

The fifth day I passed the last large tissue. It was the last contraction I had although I did have cramping for several days after.


This is what my natural miscarriage looked like. Keep in mind this isn’t every miscarriage.

I would recommend a heating pad for your lower stomach, a strainer over the toilet (chances are high of the sac going into the toilet) , think of what setting you want to pass your baby in while there is still time. Do you want candles? Do you want scents? Music? Do what you feel is right for you and your baby’s passing. Something you will feel good about when look back on this. It will be a traumatic memory. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared and didnt even think about these things until I found myself in the toilet picking up every large tissues trying to find my baby. How devastating. That’s a heart breaking memory I have now when I think about my miscarriage. I hope in someway my sharing has helped someone out there.

Kelsee Van Nus