Strawberry Patch

Going to your local Strawberry Patch is a must for anyone especially those that have children! My kids are now seven and three. Our local strawberry patch that we chose was at Washtington Farms. There are two locations. One has a beautiful flower field and many activities to do before or after your picking and the other is strictly a strawberry patch which tends to be less busy.


  • Make sure to arrive early!

This was Isla’s first trip to the Strawberry Patch! She gets so excited going to new places especially if it’s outdoors! Isla is Autistic so when getting into a crowd it can be overwhelming. If we were to wait till the afternoon it would have been almost impossible for her to focus on what we are teaching and be able to focus on her new learned task. She did so great! I highly recommend this fun activity for any special needs child. Like many Autistic children, Isla tends to be a picky eater but with learning to pick her own strawberry off the vine she actually was interested in the smell and taste. She took a bite! She didn’t favor the taste but at least she tried it!

  • Grab as many buckets as you have children!

You may be thinking, we cannot eat two bucket fulls of Strawberries.. that’s way too much! We cannot either! The kids more than likely will only want to pick about half a bucket before they tire out as mine did and at the end you can combine your buckets into one. This way, both children can enjoy the freedom of picking on different vines and roam the field with their own bucket.

  • Buy the strawberry ice cream at the end pf picking!

Usually there is homemade strawberry ice cream allowed for purchase, do it! The kids will enjoy a cold treat and it’s something new they can try if they haven’t tasted it before.

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Kelsee Van Nus