Isla's First Signs of ASD

Isla’s first signs of Autism

Not responding to name. When I say “not responding” I do not mean just vocally responding. I mean she wouldn’t even look toward me or recognize at all that her name was being called.

She was repetitive. She would always take items in and out. For instance, she would take blocks and put them into a bucket and then take them out and do this repetitively for about 30 mins a session. She would do this everyday. It wasn’t necessarily blocks, it was anything and everything. She also had a ritual she would perform every single day multiple times a day for months. She would sit facing toward me, stick out her tongue and then rock her body side to side. The ritual would always be the same and had to be done till it was completed. This lasted for a few months. She stopped soon after turning two years old.

Odd obsession with silverware, batteries and needles. Yes! I know! I said that correctly, batteries and needles!!! She would sneak into my sewing room under the age of two years old and get my needles and cushion. She would take the needles in and out of the cushion repeatedly. It was so bad I had to put a lock on the door because she’d always find where I hid it. Also, she loved holding silverware. Every day she would get the silverware and put the on the couch and carry then to the other side of the couch and so forth. We use to have more spoons but we are singled down to the last ones. Good thing they weren’t an expensive wedding present or anything…. (sigh), Batteries, she just loved to carry them around. I also had to put a lock on that drawer.

Her stem use to be spinning in circles. She wouldn’t be laughing or smiling.. just spinning. She would do this about 8 sessions a day. Another stem was rocking. She would firmly thrust her back into the beanbag over and over again. She did this also everyday. Now that she is three years old, her stemming actually is different. She flaps now and jumps up and down.

She was behind on her milestones. At two years old she only said about 5-10 words and words she would say for months she would forget or they’d fall away. New words would get added in but I could never make her repeat me.

She did not mimic in any way. If i’d say “isla do this!” (puts hands in the air) I would be lucky if she even looked at me. She had to have months of therapy to learn mimicking. She now mimics, YAY!

If I pointed across the room and said “Isla look!!” She wouldn’t look to where I was pointing or most times even look up at me at all when trying to communicate.

These were the biggest signs of Autism for Isla. She was diagnosed at one center as 'severely autistic and at another center as level 3 autistic. They essentially mean the same thing, one just uses verbiage and the other uses a numbers system.

If you have any questions about ASD or want to share yours or your child’s signs of ASD I would love to hear your story! Drop a comment on my IG. I love hearing from you!

Kelsee Van Nus