About me

Hello! My name is Kelsee Van Nus. I am a Mother of two little ones; Micah who is seven years old and Isla who is three years old. I am also a wife of 10 years to Zack. This past year I had many health struggles. Finding out I am anemic and prediabetic, I have turned my lifestyle around to a healthy one. I eat as clean as I can with a low carb and low sugar diet and always trying to keep active.

I do have a child that is Autistic and currently in the Special Education Program . The ASD Community is very near and dear to us. I look forward to sharing our journey!

We love to travel and visit new places. I want my children to learn and see as much as they can. We try to live our life with positivity and appreciation for the days we are given.

If you haven’t noticed.. I love to shop! I love organic, natural and sustainably made items. My aesthetic is natural color tones and natural woods and fibers.